Grúpa Dírithe

The target groups for “Upskilling the VET sector to Cloud Computing (Skills-Cloud)” project are as follows:

1. VET Providers: This group includes VET providers and trainers participating in the project. They will benefit from an extended understanding of cloud computing and ICT skills, allowing them to broaden their educational offerings for VET learners. The project will provide executive plans and tools for innovative educational activities, along with feedback collected during implementation, to support them in improving their practices and methodologies. By adapting VET training to labor market needs, these practices and methods will benefit the entire sector.

2. VET Learners: This group comprises individuals undergoing VET training. The skills acquired and educational resources provided by the project will enable them to participate in further learning pathways and gain knowledge in cloud computing. These competencies are valuable in the open labor market, enabling learners to align with companies and institutions seeking individuals with such skills.