Project Activities

  • Pre- Kick-off Meeting

We are pleased to share that the first Pre-kick-off meeting for our project was held on 7th December 2022. The primary motive of the meeting was to get to know our partners and have a brief overview of the project.

During the meeting, we followed a structured agenda that included:

  • Introduction to the partners and the partner organization: We took this opportunity to introduce our partners and their organizations to establish a strong working relationship with them. We identified their capabilities and strengths to understand their roles and tasks better in the project.
  • A brief presentation on the project Skills Cloud: We provided a clear and concise overview of the project’s purpose, objectives, and expected outcomes. This helped us align our partner’s contributions with our project goals.
  • Discussion on Project Plan, Activities, Deliverables, and other official matters: This was the core of the meeting, where we discussed the specifics of the project plan, including timelines, activities, and deliverables. We clarified any ambiguities and expectations among partners and ensured everyone was on the same page.
  • Kick-off Meeting


We are excited to share that the first Transnational Project Meeting for our Skills Cloud project was held on 19th January 2023 at Afridat Research and Innovation Centre in Duisburg, Germany, hosted by Afridat UG.

During the meeting, we followed a structured agenda to ensure we cover all essential topics related to the project. The agenda included:

  • Introduction to the partners/Presentation of the company: We used this opportunity to introduce ourselves and our partners, including their areas of expertise and contributions to the project.
  • Presentation of the Project Skills-Cloud: We provided a detailed presentation of the Skills Cloud project, outlining its purpose, objectives, and expected outcomes. This helped us align our partners’ contributions with our project goals.
  • Presentation and discussion on the project activities, Deliverables on the Project Results, Distribution of tasks, timeline, and results: We presented the project activities, deliverables, timeline, and results, providing a comprehensive overview of the project’s specifics. We discussed and allocated the project’s tasks among the partners, clarifying any ambiguities.
  • Presentation of Monitoring and Quality Management Plan, Risk Management Plan, and Dissemination and Exploitation Plan: Responsible Consortium presented the project’s monitoring and quality management plan, risk management plan, and dissemination and exploitation plan. This ensured the project’s effective implementation, risk mitigation, and dissemination of the project’s results.

We appreciate the active participation and contributions of all our partners to the meeting’s success. We are confident that this kick-off meeting has set the foundation for a successful collaboration toward achieving our project goals.

  • 2nd Transnational Project Meeting, Cork Ireland

We’re thrilled to share the highlights of our recent 2nd Transnational Project Meeting hosted by European Carrer Evolution (ECE) in Cork, Ireland on 27th November 2023.

We dove into a comprehensive agenda that covered key aspects of our project journey:

 Project Management Tasks: Ensuring seamless coordination and progress tracking.

 Dissemination Activities: Spreading the word and sharing the impact of Skills Cloud.

 MOOC Development: Crafting valuable content for skill enhancement.

 eLearning Platform: Exploring innovative ways to make learning accessible to all.

These discussions are crucial steps towards our project’s success, and we are making great strides forward!

  • Joint Satff Mobility, Spoleto Italy

Our initiative dedicated to advancing cloud computing education within the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector is in full swing!
The Skills Cloud project is on a mission to introduce a cloud computing curriculum as an innovative teaching and training opportunity, empowering VET providers and learners with essential skills for the digitalization era.
As part of our ongoing efforts, we’re delighted to announce the commencement of:
Event: Joint Staff Mobility
Location: Spoleto, Italy
Date: 26/02/2024-02/03/2024.
This initiative brought together 34 VET educators from the ICT sector from Germany, Greece, Italy, Ireland, and Turkey.

The objectives of the Joint Staff Mobility were twofold:
– To provide VET providers with specific knowledge and skills related to the ICT
sector and cloud computing in Education.
– To test the contents produced during WP2 in both international and local
contexts, allowing VET providers to apply them practically.